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Infants, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Our Philosophy

At Gumdrops we believe:
  • Family is first! By providing a mixed-age group environment we encourage relationships similar to those within a family.
  • Children thrive in environments that are positive, nurturing, safe and stimulating.
  • Education is a partnership between teachers, families/whanau and children.
  • Children benefit from having highly qualified and professional teachers, who are caring and sensitive to children’s needs.
  • Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with teachers and other adults.  This is called AKO.
  • Play is the best way for young children to learn. This means that their learning is self-chosen and self-directed, they are motivated by the process rather than the product and they are free to choose whether or not to be involved.
  • All children in Aotearoa – New Zealand have the right to an education that reflects and values our Bi-cultural heritage and our increasingly multicultural society.
  • In providing a programme of learning that is consistent with the goals of Te Whāriki.
  • Teachers thrive when they are supported in all areas of their work, encouraged in their professional development and are respected as valued members of a team.
Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana’
‘From the older sibling the younger one learns the right way to do things, and from the younger sibling the older one learns to be tolerant’

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